Membership Benefits

CITBA Membership Benefits

The benefits of membership include:


  • OPPORTUNITIES to attend CITBA’s Biannual Dinner Meetings (October and April) and Winter Luncheon (February) featuring Keynote Speakers, with REDUCED COST for CITBA members

  • OPPORTUNITIES to attend regular CLE seminars (credit and non-credit) on topics related to customs and international trade law, with REDUCED COST for CITBA members


  • OPPORTUNITIES to meet and interact with Judges of the U.S. Court of International Trade in informal and unofficial settings, as well as with federal customs and trade officials, staff in the Office of the Clerk of the Court, and judges’ law clerks

  • OPPORTUNITIES to receive CITBA’s periodic newsletter containing practice-related articles and news, as well as OPPORTUNITIES to publish newsletter articles


  • OPPORTUNITIES to network with members of the Bar

  • OPPORTUNITIES to collaborate on CITBA projects such as amicus curiae briefs, proposed legislation, and comments on proposed rulemaking


Membership is open to all attorneys admitted to practice in any country, and law students.  Click here to Join CITBA!