Carpenter Technology Corp. et al v. United States
by: Barnett

Section: Federal Circuit and CIT Case Summaries

The CIT sustained Commerce’s final remand redetermination in the antidumping duty administrative review of stainless-steel bar from India. The CIT concluded that Commerce did not exceed the scope of its remand order because the court used broad language in issuing such order and the changes are directly related to Commerce’s application of its methodology. The CIT also found that Commerce’s margin calculation was in accordance with the law, as it is well established that Commerce can rely on adverse facts available to induce respondents to cooperate. The CIT further explained that “Commerce’s reference to a possible inducement effect of its selection of AFA does not, by itself, suggest a punitive or otherwise inappropriate basis for Commerce’s changes to the margin calculation program and the court will not infer an improper motive solely on the basis of the result.”