Oman Fasteners, LLC et al v. United States et al
by: Choe-Groves, Baker, Stanceu

Section: Federal Circuit and CIT Case Summaries

The CIT found President Trump’s issuance of Proclamation 9980, which imposed a 25% duty on certain imported articles made of steel (“derivative steel articles”), to be untimely issued and thus entered judgment for the Plaintiffs on that count. Consistent with PrimeSource Bldg. Prods. I, Slip Op. 21-8, and PrimeSource Bldg. Prods. II, Slip Op. 21-36, the Court found that Section 232(c)(1)(A) required the President to act within 90 days of the issuance of a report meeting the requirements of Section 232(b)(3)(A), or to implement the change within the 15-day time period allowed by Section 232(c)(1)(B), and that Proclamation 9980 was not issued within that time frame.