Trade Practice Areas


International trade lawyers represent domestic and foreign firms involved in the movement of goods, services, and investment across borders, or work for the national governments or multilateral organizations that administer the laws and agreements that govern such movements.
While every international trade lawyer will likely develop a unique body of experience and specialization, we set out below the primary areas of international trade practice (Trade Remedies, Customs and Export Controls) and we give examples of U.S. customs and trade laws. Depending on where you end up practicing, you may specialize in just one of these areas or practice more broadly across two or more. As such, international trade practice gives you significant opportunity to tailor your practice to your interests and skillset.

Finally, because international trade practice requires the development of specialized subject-matter expertise and often the ability to work in an international context and with clients from all over the world, international trade lawyers tend to be harder to replace than generalists such as commercial litigators or M&A lawyers. Because of the special challenges of an international trade practice, young lawyers may find new opportunities for advancement in an area where skill and diversity are prized.

Learn more about the different trade practice areas and see examples of the U.S. customs and trade laws: